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Muscle Map to Stretching

Muscle map to stretching

The Fibre Tense muscle stretching database is the ultimate user guide for anyone interested in stretching, muscle health, posture & anatomy.

Learn about every muscle in your body (and how to stretch them correctly) »

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Fibre Tense Client Feedback

Sandy Leveque - Testimonial - Fibre Tense Massage

“My Fibre Tense therapist has brought the most benefit to my body and well-being”

“My Fibre Tense therapist’s knowledge and treatment is first class”

Linda Hedenstrom - Testimonial - Fibre Tense Massage

“I will return.”

“I walked out feeling relaxed, loose and pain free.”

“My Fibre Tense therapist was very professional, welcoming and attentive to detail. Thanks again for your help.”

“Fibre Tense’s customer service goes above and beyond and does not end when you leave the treatment room. Great service, professional and friendly.”