We offer luxury massage experience within our Little Venice Studio and out-call appointments to your home, office or hotel room. With individually tailored massage treatments to suit your body’s requirements, our clients luxuriate in rapid relief from injury, stress and pain.

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Forward Bend Stretch

Forward Bend Stretch

This amazing stretch, when relaxed into, allows the entire body to open up and eases posterior tension. From the the insertion of the Calcaneal...

Improving Desk Posture – Tips for a Healthier Workstation

Improving Desk Posture – Tips for a Healthier Workstation

There is no denying that due to the nature of our busy modern working lives, so many of us spend long hours each day in front of a desk at a...

Christmas Oreo Cheesecake Balls

Christmas Oreo Cheesecake Balls

You have to try these decadent Christmas Oreo Cheesecake Balls. Resembling mini Christmas Puddings, these Oreo Cheesecake Balls are an amazing...

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Adam Ilko
Adam Ilko
Bogdan Popa
Bogdan Popa
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Muscle Map to Stretching

Learn about every muscle in your body (and how to stretch them correctly). The Fibre Tense muscle stretching database is the ultimate user guide for anyone interested in stretching, muscle health, posture and anatomy.

What People Say About Us

I am a big fan of massages and have tried out many different techniques, centres and therapists. My Fibre Tense therapist is by far and away the massage therapist that has brought the most benefit to my body and well-being so far. After our first session he identified muscles that were overly tight and suggested stretches I could use to change this. I was pleasantly surprised to find an email in my inbox when I got home with easy to follow pictures of these stretches. I began following his advice and over time began to have much more fluidity in my body and to feel better generally as a result. Each session has built on the last to the point where the massages are now helping my body to perform at its best, rather than quick ‘fix its’. So instead of arriving at appointments with just as much tension in my body as the last session, which was always the case previously, I’m now arriving at our appointments with way more spring in my step and a happier body! I can really sense a difference in my muscles and overall health. Adam is very professional and present during the massage, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the body and how it works! I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He delivers a 5 star service.

“My Fibre Tense therapist has brought the most benefit to my body and well-being”
Sandy Leveque

Being a triathlete I found my Fibre Tense therapist's massage very effective and excellent value for money. I put in a lot of training hours. As a result I tend to suffer from fatigued legs, tight shoulder blades, stiff hamstrings and a painful lower back. My therapist's knowledge about sports body-mechanics, typical sports injuries and treatment is first class. He treats each small injury like a small project taking into account the athletes training background, goals, race planning, etc. I found that I recovered extremely fast from hard training sessions after his massages. In other words the positive effect of his massage is almost instantaneous. I can recommend Fibre Tense to everybody who is passionate about sport and keeping fit.

“My Fibre Tense therapist’s knowledge and treatment is first class”
Thomas SchrevenInternational Triathlete

Thank you Bogdan, for a great sports massage. I will return.

“I will return.”
Linda HedenstromPersonal Trainer & Former Olympic Athlete

I was suffering from pain through my left arm and shoulder. Adam from Fibre Tense Massage was able to diagnose my problem and explained the root cause in detail. He was thorough in his approach, gave me a great relaxing massage and afterwards offered some stretching advice. I walked out feeling relaxed, loose and pain free. The following day, I received a follow up email to see how I was doing and some diagrams describing the stretches. Not something I received from previous sports massage therapists. I will be recommending Adam at Fibre Tense Massage to all my friends and colleagues and I definitely will be booking in again soon!

“I walked out feeling relaxed, loose and pain free.”
Julian WakefieldPersonal Trainer

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