Tense and Stressed at Work? Roll your balls…

Tense and Stressed at Work? Roll your balls…

Not like that! And don’t tell me that your minds did not go to the gutter…

This is a simple tip that you can do anywhere, any time, and especially works well at your desk to ease tension, stress and muscle tightness out of your feet, legs, thighs, buttocks and lower back.

So here is the tip.

Take a tennis or golf ball with you to work. A tennis ball is easier to begin with for more control and is gentler on sensitive feet, then once comfortable and need more, you can progress to a golf ball.

Sitting at your desk or work station, kick off your shoes or heels (make sure you are wearing clean and fresh smelling socks) and place the ball under the arch of your foot.

To begin, just rest your foot upon the ball in this location to introduce your foot to the focussed pressure and feel the ball melt into the arch of your foot.

Next, imagine the numbers of a clock, mapped out on the underside of your foot, all around the edges. Keeping the ball in contact between the floor and the sole of your foot, start rolling the ball to each number of the clock and apply a gentle downward pressure for two to five seconds and then move onto the next number. Complete the clock three times.

Next, beginning with the ball at the underside ‘knuckles’ of your toes, pretend you are trying to draw 3 -5 straight lines on the sole of your foot, from each of your toes to your heal with a little downwards pressure as you move your foot forward.

Now, freestyle it. Try to draw your own pattern. Perhaps a cross, a star, a flower or simply roll the ball all around the underside of your foot in any direction or random pattern that you like, to anywhere that feels tension or feels really good.

Then switch feet and repeat the routine.

How this works.

Our bodies are entirely connected by a continuous tensional network known as fascia. It covers and connects every single organ, every muscle and even every nerve and tiny muscle fibre.

If you were to look at a cut of steak, it is the ‘marbling’ that runs through the cut.

Once just thought to be a muscle packaging material, we are now coming to understand that this tensional network is a transmitter of movement, tension and force for not only the joint that the muscle is influencing, but is also applying tension and force to other joints much further away.

So with this in mind, the simple act of positioning the ball and applying gentle pressure, or rolling the ball all around the underside of the foot, is easing undesired tension and force from the fascia within the sole of the foot and thus, the connected fascia is transmitting this reduction of tension and force to every other muscle, organ and nerve throughout the entire body.

Amazing! Is it not.

If you want to test this. Before you begin with the ball, stand up and bend your right leg and thigh (flexing your right hip) in front of you as if you were kicking a football, keeping your toes pointed towards the ceiling. Take it to the highest point you can and hold it there long enough to measure what angle or how high your leg is from the floor.

Then begin this exercise with the ball for 15 minutes just underneath the right foot.

Then repeat the above test.

What was the outcome? How much of a difference was there in the angle or how high your leg was?

Overall… How does your right leg, thigh, buttocks… feel now?

So start rolling your balls!

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