Wrist Stretches to Prevent Arm and Shoulder Pain

Wrist Stretches to Prevent Arm and Shoulder Pain

After a long day at work or too much time spent typing, do you suffer from wrist, arm and shoulder Pain?

Wrist StretchesTry this great stretch every 2 hours.

  • Stand up sideways 2 foot next to a wall.
  • Stance – shoulders wide apart.
  • Place your right palm (fingers pointing down) flat on the wall on a shoulder level height.
  • Make sure all your fingers are straight and at an equal distance between each other with the heel of hand touching the wall. At this point you should already feel a good stretch going through your forearm.
  • Next we move up to elbow where we should have it straight and upwardly rotated. Your arm is now into a deep stretch where all the main muscles and the nerves should be into a deep stretch.

With this stretch you want to concentrate on deep breathing and relax so you can hold this position for at least 30 seconds. After first week you should  be able to perform the stretch easier because your nerves and muscles are at this point more flexible and glide better.

Definitely give this stretch a go and I guarantee you that you will feel so much better.When confident with it you can take it to the next point which is to turn your head in the opposite direction.

Few things to remember, one side will always be more intense and you should take it gradually and remember to be consistent for faster results. It is not an easy stretch and because of that you should listen to your body and never push it to much.

This blog was written by Bogdan Popa for Fibre Tense Massage.

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