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What is it: The term 'Holistic' is used to describe the body as an entire entity or ‘whole being’. Thus a Holistic Massage, tailored to a person’s personal preferences, treats the whole body using a variety of techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, vibration and tapotement to bring the body towards a more central state of homeostasis.

Who Benefits: A Holistic Massage is for everyone (taking into consideration any contraindications to massage). It can aid any person who is looking to relieve stress, promote relaxation, improve or aid circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, aid in the drainage and release of toxins from the body and also bring about a greater sense of well-being. Along with these and numerous other ‘Holistic’ benefits and tailored home-care advice to promote Lifestyle Wellness, a Fibre Tense Holistic Massage could be the treatment you are looking for to bring your body towards its central state of homeostasis.


Holistic Massage Treatments in London

In our treatment room in Paddington, London W2.

1 Hour
Holistic Massage
£6500per hour
90 Minute
Holistic Massage
£9500per 90 minutes