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Sports Massage

What is it: A Sports Massage is an assessment, testing and treatment of an injured, painful and/or stressed muscle, joint and/or region of the body. Along with home-care advice, stretches, strengthening exercises and health promoting information, it can help prepare the body for any sporting or movement activity, aid in injury recovery and prevention, decrease the creation of muscle imbalance, reduce tension and adhesions and break down calcifications and scar tissue. It involves a whole range of deep tissue muscle manipulation and static techniques, along with various forms of aided stretching to promote muscle health, strength and action whilst improving joint range of movement and flexibility.

Who Benefits: Sports Massage has a common misconception of being a massage that only athletes or people involved in fitness will benefit from the effects of. However, as a deep tissue massage treatment, it has the potential to aid or benefit any person who is suffering from any tension, tightness, muscle and soft tissue injury or scar tissue. So if you are a desk worker, who possibly has neck, shoulder and/or lower back pain or perhaps your employ has you standing for long periods and you have aches or pains through your legs and feet, you too could benefit from a tailored Fibre Tense Sports Massage treatment.
Of course, if you are an athlete (amateur or professional) or a fitness enthusiast, a Fibre Tense Sports Massage treatment can assist in injury management, repair and recovery or also be tailored to be a part of your training regime for exercise warm ups, cool downs and aid in tension and fatigue reduction. An Fibre Tense Sports Massage treatment could bring you more freedom of movement, pain and tension reduction and potentially improve your performance, whatever your work or sporting discipline.

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Sports Massage Treatments in London

In our treatment rooms in Paddington, London W2.

30 Minute
Sports Massage Treatment
£4000per 30 minutes
1 Hour
Sports Massage Treatment
£7000per hour
90 Minute
Full Sports Massage Treatment
£10000per 90 minutes
120 Minute
Full Sports Massage Treatment
£13000per 120 minutes