Sports Psychology & Hypnotherapy Consultations



Sport Psychology Consultation

What is it: A Sport Psychology consultation focuses on psychological factors that influence physical performance. It can involve a whole range of issues such as confidence, manage stress and tension, over-training, increase motivation and concentration, manage pain and weight. The aim of the session is to help you in identifying your personal goals, looking at the strengths you have and how to overcome the limits you think to have. A strategy to reach your goal will be elaborated together with a possible path to follow. This consultation might involve a session of hypnosis or imagery skills, as well as some pen and paper tests: this will be decided together depending on your personal aim and the most effective tools to reach it.

Who benefits: Sports and exercise psychology tends to be known and used just by people in sport, generally single athletes, teams, parents of athletes, coaches and referees. However, everyday people can greatly benefit from sessions, by learning techniques to reach personal goals and improving their health and way of life.

Pain Management & Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy

What is it: There are loads of misconception about hypnosis, due to different ways hypnosis can be used. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Milton Erickson describes hypnotic trance as an altered state of mind that occurs to everybody during daytime. Hypnosis is capable of reducing several kinds of chronic and acute or temporary pain. The last fifty years of research in hypnosis and pain management have shown how hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to consistently reduce the perception of pain and other associated symptoms such as nausea for example. A Pain Management & Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy consultation is tailored on the needs of the person and his/her own personal targets and goals. Traditional hypnotherapy uses commanding language called direct suggestion and also indirect methods.

Who benefits: Pain Management & Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy can benefit everyone with chronic or acute pain, especially in their rehabilitation time after an injury or recovery from surgery. It helps in lowering the perception of pain, the management of pain and as an accompaniment to other rehabilitation treatments to aid in the healing process.


Motivational Hypnotherapy

We all know that to succeed in all areas of life (sports, business, careers, etc.) we need to be highly motivated. But what is motivation and how can we boost it? Internal and external issues can influence people in their way of being interested and committed to a job, to exercise or even to pursue their goals. Since motivation is the interaction among conscious and unconscious factors, hypnotherapy can help in enhancing this interaction and make the person able to be goal driven and self-motivated. A personal approach will be used by defining achievable goals together with tailored strategies to reach them. Follow up meetings will help in checking progress and improve strategies to keep oneself motivated. The aim of this path is to empower the client to build a personal tool kit to set his/her own goals and keep focused and motivated.



Weight Management Hypnotherapy (incl Virtual Gastric Band)

Stressful life and lack of time might lead you into unhealthy habits such as eating junk food or having a diet full of carbohydrates, sugar and pre-cooked meals. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help a client in changing his/her habit towards food and consumption, by working on client’s unconscious, working towards enhancing self-esteem and diet commitment. If it is associated with a nutritional plan or a specific diet, it will boost this progression and make you able to reach your goals and change your habits faster. The aim of weight management hypnotherapy is being able to manage your own food intake and get healthier.

A Gastric Band has been advertised as a quick solution to lose a lot of weight. If you are considering of having a surgery for fitting a gastric band or a gastric bypass, you should take into serious consideration all the post operative problems and complication that such surgeries employ.
You should also consider the possibility of a Virtual Gastric Band also known as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy through Hypnosis. This tool works on the subconscious mind and make your body feel like you had a gastric band operation. This means that you perceives as your stomach is smaller and you eat less. The benefits of this is that you will have all the positive outcomes of the surgery, without the risk and discomfort that an Invasive Gastric Band Surgery would bring. The aim of this is being able to lose a great amount of weight and get healthier without the risks and complications of surgery.

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In our treatment room at Russell Square, London:
Sports Psychology Consultation – £50.00 Single Session
Pain Management & Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy – £90.00 Single Session / £200.00 Package of 3 Sessions
Motivational Hypnotherapy – £90.00 Single Session / £200.00 Package of 3 Sessions
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy (incl Virtual Gastric Band) – £450.00 Package of 5 / £50.00 Follow-up Session


* At the convenience of your home or workplace, London:
Any Single Session – £25.00 Additional Payment upon session price
Any Package Sessions – £50.00 Additional Payment upon package price

* Prices are based on Central/West London Zone 1 area. These may vary upon geographical location and need to be confirmed upon booking. Sessions run for between approximately between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Depending on clients needs and requirements.