Fibre Tense YogaFibre Tense Movement, Yoga – Details & Pricing

What is it: Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. Our brand of Fibre Tense Yoga is a specialised blend of Vinyasa & Ashtanga traditions with unique perspective on functional body training, promoting weight loss, rehabilitation, back pain management, fitness, sports injury, injury prevention, postural alignment, body sculpting, mindfulness and well-being.

Who Benefits: Fibre Tense Yoga is tailored to all, young or old, adults and children, active or sedentary and athletes or desk warriors alike. Our sessions and packages can aid those in the corporate world, find balance amongst the mental and physical stresses that an “office life” can lead, help post-pregnancy women, ‘get back’ their pre-baby body, aid those recovering from injury or surgery, maintain and improve their quality of movement and flexibility and empower those that would just like their bodies to ‘feel better’, exceed their movement ambitions. With a clear understanding and focus of how the mind and body need to function in tandem, before any real goal can be achieved, our teachings are not only aimed to combat any and all stresses, but also to improve health, state of mind and increase quality of life.

Where: Fibre Tense Yoga is most often booked as a One to One Private Session within your own home or place of your choosing and the prices below are based upon this. Please enquire if you would like to participate in one of our group classes or book a private session within our Russell Square Studio.

* Have a group of friends or work colleagues that you would like a special Fibre Tense Yoga class designed for? Group or class packages can be arranged upon request.

For more information or enquiry, contact:

Susan Yu - Fibre Tense YogaPrices:

* Prices are based on Central/West London Zone 1 area. These may vary upon geographical location and need to be confirmed upon booking.

60 Minute Session/s 90 Minute Session/s
* Single Session @ Client’s House £90.00 £120.00
* 5 Package @ Client’s House £400.00 £550.00
Single Session Group Class
5 Package Group Class
Single Session @ R/Square Studio £65.00 £95.00
5 Package @ R/Square Studio £300.00 £450.00