Adductor Stretch

Adductor Stretch

Adductor Muscles Group

The five muscles that make up the adductor group are; Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Magnus, Pectineus and Gracilis. Although all of the five adductor muscles have the primary action of adduction of the hip, due to their various origins, insertions and depth in relation to each other, their secondary actions upon the hip may vary.Adductor StretchStretching

Option 1 ~ Lying on your back, flex the knees and bring the soles of the feet together so that they are touching. Now allow gravity to take the knees apart and fall gently and comfortably towards the floor.



Adductor StretchAdductor Stretch

Option 2 ~ Standing, abduct both hips away from each other, moving the thighs apart performing a comfortable side splits.

– To stretch the more anterior adductors (Pectineus, Adductor Longus & Brevis), tilt the pelvis slightly forward.

– To stretch the more posterior adductors (Gracilis & Adductor Magnus), flex at the hips with a straight back and lean rearward into the stretch.


Adductor Longus
Anterior surface of pubis (inferior to pubic tubercle)
Medial lip of linea aspera (middle 1/3)
Adduction & flexion of hip
Lateral rotation of thigh
Adductor Brevis
Body & inferior ramus of pubis
Medial lip of linea aspera (proximal 1/3)
Adduction & flexion of hip
Lateral rotation of thigh
Adductor Magnus
Anterior head: (adductor part) Inferior pubic ramus & ischial ramus
Posterior head: (hamstring part) Ischial tuberosity
Anterior head: Linea aspera
Posterior head: Adductor tubercle of femur (above medial epicondyle)
Adduction & extension of hip
Laterally rotation of thigh (anterior head)
Pectineal line of pubis (superior pubic ramus)
Pectineal line of femur (just below lesser trochanter of posterior aspect of femur)
Adduction & flexion of hip
Body & inferior ramus of pubis
Proximal anterior medial tibia (pes anserine)
Adduction & flexion of hip
Flexion & medial rotation of knee