Biceps Femoris Stretch

Biceps Femoris Stretch

Biceps Femoris

The ‘Hamstring’ muscle group is made up of three posterior thigh muscles. The Biceps Femoris is positioned as the lateral muscle of the hamstrings and is the only muscle of the group to have two heads. This muscle suffers from tears and ruptures often due to inadequate stretching and warm-up.Hamstring Stretch


Option 1 ~ ‘The Forward Bend’. Standing, (perform all of these movements in a relaxed way. There is no need to over-reach or force this stretch initially). Keeping the knees ‘locked out’ and the spine flat bend forward at the hips and just relax towards your toes, gently lengthening your hamstrings. To increase the intensity of the stretch, gently contract your quadriceps and reach for your toes or try to place your hands upon the floor.




Biceps Femoris StretchOption 2 ~ Standing upright, facing a bench, table or horizontal bar, flex your hip and ‘locking out’ your knee and place this straight leg upon the anchor point. To increase this stretch, lean forward at the hip and reach toward the toes.



Origin ~

  • Long head – Ischial tuberosity.
  • Short head – Lateral lip of linea aspera.

Insertion ~

  • Head of the fibula.

Actions ~

  • Flexion of the knee (both heads) and extension of the hip (long head only). It also laterally rotates the knee (tibial portion) when the knee is flexed.