Iliopsoas Stretch

Iliopsoas Stretch


The Iliopsoas muscle group is formed by two muscles that blend into one; the Iliacus and the Psoas Major (the Psoas Minor is only occasionally present). The Iliopsoas is the primary muscle involved in hip flexion. Tightness (hyper-contraction) of these muscles can cause hyperlordosis ‘sway back’ and is quite often present and causes pain for people who sit for long periods, such as desk workers or drivers.

Hip Flexor StretchStretching

Easy Option 1 ~ Laying on your back upon a bed or bench press at a 15 degree angle, extend the hip off the side of the bench, letting the pelvis tilt posteriorly and let gravity take the weight of the leg towards the floor.



Hip Flexor StretchOption 2 ~ From a forward lunge position, flex the forward knee with the sole of the foot flat on the floor. Make sure the other leg is extended fully to the rear, tilt the pelvis posteriorly and keeping the chest upright, lean into the hips. (Easier option ~ keep hands on the floor and chest upon flexed thigh in front)



Origin ~

  • Psoas Major – Transverse processes of L1 – L5, the vertebral bodies of T12 – L5 and the intervening vertebral discs.
  • Iliacus – Inner surface of the iliac fossa and the sacral ala.

Insertion ~

  • Lesser trochanter of the femur.

Actions ~

  • Flexion and lateral rotation of the hip.
  • Psoas Major – Flexion & lateral flexion of the spinal joints and anterior pelvic tilt of the hip joint.
  • Iliacus – Anterior pelvic tilt.