Pectoralis Minor Stretch

Pectoralis Minor Stretch

Pectoralis Minor

The Pectoralis Minor is considered an accessory muscle to respiration. Desk workers often suffer an over-contracture or heavy tightness of this muscle which can result in a postural condition known as ‘rounded shoulders’. This places muscle strain, tension and pain within the upper shoulders and neck, which is the most common complaint of upper back pain.

Pectoralis Minor StretchStretching

Option 1 ~ Standing, using a towel, broom handle or light barbell (without weight plates), grip the towel (bar) in a wide, overhand grip fashion and fully flex the shoulders above the head. Further flex the shoulder past the head (beyond 180 degrees), breathe deeply and let gravity take the shoulders into a further full flexion.


Pectoralis Minor Stretch


Option 2 ~ Standing with a broom handle or light barbell (without weight plates), with one hand, grip one end of the bar in an overhand grip fashion, fully flex this shoulder above the head, letting the bar rest behind the back (between the shoulders on a 25 degree angle) and grasp the bottom end of the bar with the opposite hand. The shoulder flexed above the head is the pectoralis minor being stretched. To increase the intensity of the stretch, apply greater forward pressure upon the bar with the lower gripped hand.Stand at Ease Stretch


Option 3 ~ ‘Stand at Ease’ stretch. Detailed within blog post:


Origins ~

  • Ribs 3 – 5 upon anterior lateral portion.

Insertion ~

  • Corocoid process of the scapula upon the medial aspect.

Actions ~

  • Depresses and downwardly rotates the scapula, stabilizes the scapula for arm movements, elevates ribs 3 – 5 and assists in scapula protraction from a retracted position.