Peroneal Stretch

Peroneal Stretch

Peroneal (Fibularis) Group

The Peroneal Group are often grouped together because their main action is eversion of the foot, although because of where their various tendons pass the lateral malleolus (base of fibula), their up and down actions differ. The three muscles of the group are the; Peroneus Longus, Peroneus Brevis and Peroneus Tertius. This muscle group is often extremely tight in a great deal of people due to poor footwear and ankle instability.

Peroneals StretchStretching

Option 1 ~ Seated upon the floor, one leg out straight, laterally rotate the other hip and flex the knee, bringing the dorsal (top) surface of the foot upon the thigh of the straight leg. Therefore, gently taking the foot into inversion.


Peroneal StretchOption 2 ~ Seated upon the floor, half or full ‘lotus’ yoga position.




Muscle Origin Insertion Action
Peroneus Longus Head & proximal shaft of fibula Medial cuneiform & base of 1st metatarsal (plantar surfaces) Eversion & plantar flexion of foot
Peroneus Brevis Distal lateral ½ of fibula Base of 5th metatarsal (lateral aspect) Eversion & plantar flexion of foot
Peroneus Tertius Distal 1/3 of anterior fibula (distal & lateral aspect of extensor digitorum longus) Base of 5th metatarsal (dorsal surface) Dorsiflexion & eversion of foot