Rectus Abdominis Stretches

Rectus Abdominis Stretches

Rectus Abdominis

The Rectus Abdominis is the muscles that contract during sit-ups and crunches. It is divided into three or four muscle bands on each side of the midline of the body. When toned or defined, these muscles create the appearance of the ‘6 pack’ or ‘8 pack’.

Rectus Abdominis StretchStretching

Easy Option 1 ~ Laying flat on your stomach, slowly extend your spine by pushing your shoulders up (as if you were performing a push-up with your upper body only).



Rectus Abdominis Stretch

Option 2 ~ Sitting upon a fit ball, roll upon on the ball to position it beneath your upper gluteals and lumbar back, extend the back and flex the shoulders 180 degrees above your head to rest your hands upon the floor. to increase the intensity of the stretch, push your hands into the floor (engaging your shoulders) and raise your lumbar back slightly off the ball. Advanced stretch – ‘Full Bridge’ yoga pose.


Rectus Abdominis Stretch


Option 3 ~ Standing or kneeling, extend the back. To increase the intensity of the stretch, flex the shoulders to 180 degrees above your head.



Origin ~

  • Pubic crest and pubic symphysis.

Insertion ~

  • Xiphoid process and costal cartilage of the ribs 5 – 7.

Actions ~

  • Flexion of the abdomen or trunk, posterior pelvic tilt and stabilization/compression of abdomen for core body strength.