Sartorius Stretch

Sartorius Stretch


The Sartorius is known as the longest muscle in the body. It was commonly referred to as the ‘tailors muscle’ before the 1900’s for the action it produces when it contracts, a cross legged position tailors would adopt when working away.

Anterior Lateral Hip StretchStretching

Standing, extend the hip and adduct it behind your body. Now medially rotate the hip (turn it inwards) and ‘side lean’ into the hip whilst side bending or ‘leaning’ your upper body away.


Origin ~

  • Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS).

Insertion ~

  • Proximal anteromedial tibia at the pes anserine insertion.

Actions ~

  • Flexion, abduction & medial rotation of the hip and flexion of the knee. Anterior pelvic tilt.