Tensor Fasciae Latae Stretch

Tensor Fasciae Latae Stretch

Tensor Fasciae Latae

The Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) is the main muscle involved in contraction of the iliotibial band (ITB). Along with the gluteus maximus, it is one of only two muscles that insert into the ITB. Therefore, people who suffer from ITB syndrome or ‘runners knee’ should be working to stretch this muscle (along with the gluteus maximus) to ease the contraction ‘pull’ upon the ITB, rather than just relying on the ‘fad’ that is ‘foam rolling’ alone.

TFL StretchStretching

Standing, extend the hip and adduct it behind your body. Now medially rotate the hip (turn it inwards) and ‘side lean’ into the hip whilst side bending or ‘leaning’ your upper body away.


Origin ~

  • Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) and the anterior aspect of the iliac crest.

Insertion ~

  • Iliotibial band (ITB) below the greater trochanter of the femur.

Actions ~

  • Flexion, abduction & medial rotation of the hip and tension of the ITB to help stabilize the femur on the tibia during standing. Anterior pelvic tilt.