Tibialis Anterior Stretch

Tibialis Anterior Stretch

Tibialis Anterior

The Tibialis Anterior is the muscle primarily responsible for dorsiflexion (upwards movement) of the foot. Where this muscle originates and attaches to the tibia is the region where tibialis anterior syndrome ‘shin splints’ are most commonly formed. This painful condition occurs when the excessively tight ‘hyper-contracted’ tibialis anterior muscle origin pulls upon the tibia. Causing inflammation of the muscle tendon (mild) and microscopic fractures of the tibia and small pieces of bone coming away (severe). The best treatment for this very painful condition is to cease any activity that exacerbates the condition and complete rest.

Tibialis Anterior StretchStretching

Option 1 ~ In a walking stance, using a pillow or cushion for support, place the dorsal (top) surface of the foot upon the support and apply pressure into plantarfexion (downward motion) of the foot by bending at the knees to come into a slight squatting position.





Tibialis Anterior StretchOption 2 ~ Kneeling, upon the dorsal (top) surface flat on the floor, sit onto the ankles so that the feet are plantar flexed (downward motion) under the buttocks.



Origin ~

  • Anterior proximal tibia upon the lateral proximal tibia, the proximal 2/3 of the anterolateral surface of tibia and the interosseous membrane.

Insertion ~

  • Medial cuneiform and the proximal medial plantar surface of the 1st

Actions ~

  • Dorsiflexion and inversion of the ankle.